Sunday, June 3, 2012

Should a Christian Support Obama?

To do your will is my delight; my God, your law is in my heart! I announced your deed to a great assembly; I did not restrain my lips; you, Lord are my witness." Psalms 40:9-10

So, awesome and brilliant Stacy Trasancos, has given me the honor of becoming a contributor over at IgnitumToday. YAY! I'll be posting over there a few times a month but I'll make sure to link everything here so that you can find the pages. 

The first boxer in the ring is Should a Christian Support Obama? I guess you could say it's a followup to Let's talk about Mr. President.



  1. I really enjoyed reading this letter. You have a way of combining gentleness with strength of purpose. St. Paul is proud!

  2. Loved your article - I am an Evangelist (not a Catholic) and my wife always voted Conservative until Obama came along. She loves the guy and believes he is God's gift to America. Nothing can seemingly change her mind. I would love to see your analysis on the marriage and religious freedom issues. Send any info on it to