Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Thursday...

I know a post has been long overdue, and I admit, I’m lucky if anyone continues to read anything I say.  So to push away from this semi-writer’s block I’m taking suggestions. What do you want me to address? I’ve had a few submissions, so I’m opening it up to everyone. Let me know!

I did something incredibly stupid this morning. Like every weekday morning, I got ready for work, walked my dog and then hopped in the car. Normally, I ride in silence with the windows down, enjoying the breeze and think about how the day will unfold. Unlike these normal days, this morning I turned the radio on. Why was this a stupid move? Because music is never played in the mornings. It’s always talking, and more talking. Well, I happened upon a local station which enjoys allowing callers to give them a name and number of someone that they want to essentially entrap in a “I caught you cheating” or “I slept with this guy the first night I met him and I’m wondering why he hasn’t called me back to go out again” public situation.  Listening to the radio is like driving by a horrible accident I can’t stop looking at. The entire time I’m listening, I’m repulsed but thoroughly convinced that this cannot be real. Every  time someone tells another scandalous story, I’m debating with my car whether this is all staged and fake. But even if these callers are actors, I know these stories are real.  People have absolutely no shame anymore.  They publicly discuss their sexual exploits, with full intimate detail. They glorify their promiscuity and adulterous behavior.  What the (Bleep) has happened to society?

Summertime in Arizona sucks.


  1. I totally get the radio thing. My husband likes heavy metal (usually the kind where the scream and you have no idea what it's all about). Well...Tuesday morning he cranks the car and flips on the station. We're busy chatting, but then the conversation stops and the radio people are putting on a "show" complete with anatomical slang and stereotypical gay people.

    My eyes popped out of my head. This is the morning commute. People, like us, are taking their children to child care or preschool or whatever. What the (bleep) is going on here?

    *yes, I just stole your bleep :)

  2. LT, don't stress about the quantity of posts; those muses cannot be coerced. According to a Norwegian proverb (which may also be American and/or even Biblical, my references are scrambled): "He who waits for something good waits not in vain."

    So, if the pressure is lightened regarding quantity, it has now been increased by expectations of quality. Smile, smile.

    Just write from the heart and it will be good.

  3. I totally agree with Respectful Reader. What we get here is quality if not quantity. I have seen that cartoon with the ears of corn before. It was posted on our daughter's Facebook page. The ear of corn walking through the door said something quite unacceptable. Bleep! But I think that cartoon is quite funny.

    Your posts are a delight whenever they appear. So, relax, keep thinking, and keep up the great work. God bless you and inspire you with many more gems to share with us.

  4. Don't be discouraged about your blogging. Here's what I do. I go to other people's blogs and comment. Its a lot more fun than talking to myself. Then I take my comment and I store it in drafts. That gives me ideas for future blog articles. All I have to do is modify it a little bit and I've got a short article waiting in my draft area for the days when I get writer's block.

    You have a lot more comments to your articles than I do to mine.

  5. Well..............since you asked, I would like someone to write about RCIA. It's that time of year when some of us are looking into attending and all that. What I mostly hear is, "Just pray that you get into a good one that adheres to authentic Catholic doctrine. If you don't, just hang on and remind yourself it's only for a year!" Seriously...........I have read that sentiment sooo many times by so many different people. What was your experience with it? I need some encouragement.

    Then again, whatever you want to write about-- doesn't matter. Just keep writing.........

    1. Don't just wait. Bring a pocket Catechism, read it ahead and if the one you're in is untrustworthy go to a different parish. Shop around -- not for one that pleases you but for one that adheres to Church teaching as laid out in the Catechism.

  6. Dear LT,
    I loved finding your blog a few weeks ago. Lots of wonderful stuff.
    You could write about other black Catholics. I have several that aren't so well known if you want more ideas. Have you heard of Ellen Terry? Or Julia Greeley? God bless you and strengthen you and may the Holy Spirit Guide you!